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”God grant me the Serenity

to accept the things I cannot change,

Courage to change the things I can,

and Wisdom to know the difference.”

~ Serenity Prayer ~

Little tree sanctuary

Sanctuary for the Soul

A place for you to reach serenity,

connecting your soul to wisdom,

and grow the courage for living your truth

What We Do

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Hands-on healing using universal energy

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Connect to your body

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Brighten your energy

If you are not sure which treatments and workshops would be suitable for you - please feel free to send us a message for a free consult. Our treatments can be done in combination and may be complementary with other treatment modalities.


"I am really blessed to have Steph, a fellow left-brainer, as my Lightarian AngelLink and Lightarian Rays teacher.  She could explain the “fluffy” concepts logically and helped to make sense out of them. Her extensive knowledge motivated me to keep exploring deeper with my spirituality journey.  And learning the spirituality from her “awakened” me from my slumber.

After having my Reiki 1 workshop about 15 years ago then stopped practising for years, I am so fortunate to re-learn Reiki 1 from Steph, followed by Reiki 2, in the 2nd half of 2020.  Her medical background helped to make energy healing application on day-to-day life seems more logical and not too “hocus pocus”.  I am looking forward to having Reiki 3 workshop with Steph in a couple of weeks – currently working on some homework to prepare for the big days."


"I went for a Reiki session with Janice out of curiosity after a few major life events combined to throw me off balance. My first session completely took me by surprise as I experienced an emotional release like no other. Throughout the sessions, Janice was patient, professional and super assuring, and I totally felt at ease with her, knowing that I would be in safe hands. Little did I know that that first session with her would transform my life in such a dramatic way as I would go on to learn Reiki myself. I would say that Janice helped to kickstart my healing journey and I cannot thank her enough!"


"I was first introduced to Reiki by Janice. I found the session very calming and helpful in managing stress, and have benefited from further reiki sessions since - even remote reiki which has been just as beneficial. Janice is an excellent practitioner and healer. She talks you through the practice calmly, is very patient and highly experienced. I feel the difference as soon as we finish each session and am grateful for being introduced to reiki."


"I came across the concept of akashic reading through a relative of mine, the idea sounded interesting so I thought to give it a go. She highly recommended Janice for the reading and me and my sister in law decided to go ahead with that. Experience with Janice of reading of our akashic records was thrilling and enchanting at the same time. As interesting as the concept in itself was, its interpretation to layman understanding by Janice was amazing and easily understood. Will definitely redo the reading next time. Highly recommended."

What Do People Say

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